FRS – Update from the GC Office

International Union of Police Associations


From:   Ryan Burton, Associate General Counsel I.U.P.A.

To:       I.U.P.A. Florida Locals

Re:       FRS Employee Contribution Litigation


On January 17, 2013, the Florida Supreme Court issued its final ruling in the FRS Employee Contribution case.  Regrettably, the Supreme Court, in a narrow 4 to 3 ruling, reversed the Circuit Court’s decision, holding that the State Legislature’s requirement of a 3% employee pension contribution and reduction in retirement Cost Of Living Adjustments were permissible alterations to the plan.

While the I.U.P.A. does not agree with the ruling of the Supreme Court, we nevertheless respect the legal process. We truly appreciate the strong dissenting opinions of Justice Lewis and Justice Perry and agree with Justice Perry’s view of the case as “an insufferable and unconstitutional ‘bait and switch’ at the expense of the public employees” of the State of Florida.

Several law enforcement agencies in the State have assisted their employees by offering to offset the 3% reduction in salaries. Many more have offered no such assistance, leaving Florida Law Enforcement Officers to make do with less once again.  Now more than ever, the collective bargaining process is vital to Florida Law Enforcement Officers and their families. The I.U.P.A. continues to represent the interests of all of its members, fighting for the benefits of Law Enforcement Officers in Florida and throughout the Country.

For more information on SB 2100, the Circuit Court’s decision, and appeal to the Supreme Court please visit the Legal Corner at to view past legal updates for this case.